Since birth, Amanda has been influenced by music. Many commented on her ability to feel the beat or the rhythm in songs from early on in her development as a toddler. As more opportunities came her way she joined Queensland Youth Orchestra’s ensembles as a tuba player in 2007 and has continued to have a strong relationship with this organisation to this very day. In addition to her involvement in Queensland Youth Orchestra’s, Amanda has had a large involvement in the Queensland Conservatorium – Young Conservatorium Program during 2010 where Amanda was involved in both the Wind Orchestra and The State Honours Ensemble Program as principal tuba.

Amanda’s involvement with the Queensland Conservatorium is only one of the many local musical activities that she has involved herself in. Amanda has also been heavily active in; Queensland Youth Orchestras, Annual Rotary Carols in Ashgrove, Sola Voce (Women’s Chorus), Queensland Kodaly Choir, St Aidan’s Community Choir, Jubrassic 5 (a chamber brass ensemble) and Queensland Philharmonic.

Her involvement with these local groups have included performances in the Concert Hall of the Queensland Performing Arts Complex, Old Parliament House, St Johns Cathedral, Old Museum Building, Queen Street Mall, Sea World and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Her movements around Australia have meant that her ability to adapt has been crucial with Amanda also playing and performing regularly on trumpet, trombone and euphonium, in addition to her vocal endeavours. This adaptation has seen Amanda perform at such events as The Rolling Stones (ONFIRE Tour 14), Sydney International Festival of Music 2008 (Sydney Opera House/ Sydney Town Hall), The EKKA (Brisbane Show) and various regional tours to places such as Gladstone, Rockhampton, Beaudesert, Mount Tamborine, The Gold Coast, Adelaide, Warwick, Tyalgum and Stanthorpe.

In addition to regional tours Amanda has also partaken in the Music for All’s Summer Symposium which is held in the summer in the USA. Amanda has been fortunate enough to partake in the Concert Track twice, once in 2008 (Chicago, IL) and again in 2011 (Indiana, IN). During these trips Amanda worked with the best faculty from around the USA and also met Andrew Boysen Jr on her first trip.

Currently based in Brisbane, Amanda holds a teaching position at Mount Alvernia College, Kedron where she teaches music, personal development, SEAC lessons and takes the College Choir.

One thought on “Amanda Holley: Biography

  1. woobiesoo says:

    I was interested in your combined study of music education and special education mostly because I earned a Masters in Music Composition as a deaf woman. I had some great teachers who were willing to be open minded and learn how to teach me. Your dual path makes me think that you may be one of those teachers who opens doors into music for those that most people would not think to open.

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