It’s the image that teaching evokes for me. This idea of as we place a small impression on someone that impression can have a roll on effect. Now, this impression doesn’t need to be positive. Think of someone who did wrong by you in your eyes. They most certainly have an impact on your day and then continue to impact you either through your thoughts or actions immediately or they take a toll on your beliefs creating or adding to a pool of evidence for those situations.

This isn’t just a thought for teaching, this is a thought for any position of power that maybe faced with the task of influencing people. Whether we like it or not people are constantly collecting information to make judgements about us and our behaviours, proactively protecting themselves or creating some sort of estimate so they know how to deal with our behaviours and personalities in the future.

However, this isn’t always true in the way that you are most likely currently thinking. I bet your mind has gone to negative moments. Perhaps your maths teacher didn’t say something complimentary to you at school or your coach yelled at you for something that they told you to do, maybe you always had your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed but somehow someone always found negativity in your actions or projected their own negative attitudes, beliefs or values onto you. Think of how you acted after, or what you hold onto even know. Well, yeah, that’s right, the domino imagery works well for this, perhaps you still don’t trust your numeracy skills or your ability based on these comments and other feedback you received… but hey it doesn’t have to be seen like that.


Now. Perhaps.

Perhaps you are a person in power and you have control over situations and/or people. You are a domino. No, not the pizza. An actual domino. Now, to think very logically everyone must have experienced times where someone was less than great to them… think of those times where you were the domino impacted on initially. How could you have handled them differently? How does your attitude impact others and how does the way you control or impact situations have that domino effect on others?

We all have our bad days, we all have days where we are less than on point however consider your impact through your actions, words and interactions. How can you be a better domino and have a much further positive reach in lives you haven’t even physically crossed yet.


– Amanda Holley




One thought on “Dominos

  1. John farrell says:

    How profound. We seldom realise the extent of actions and we conmunicste in different ways not just or words. I’m lucky enough here in Burma to see the results of my teaching, small in number but effects that radiate out many levels and generations.

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