On the 12th month of teaching my mentors said to me…

A whole year done as a teacher.

Some people would say that it’s not an achievement. Some would suggest that my previous employment has surpassed a year mark and that twelve months is not a long time at all compared to my potential working lifetime. However, some would suggest that my first twelve months has been somewhat victorious and I should intend to only get better each time I walk into the classroom. The truth is my school fosters pride, community and integrity. That’s what makes me push through the bad days, give up my weekends and/or holidays to do unrelated school activities and even attend more camps then what is required of me.


The whole notion of pride, community and integrity in the workplace are buzz words that a potential employee (or in the case of a school a prospective family) want to hear. They need to know that schools are aware of this sense of role modelling or even awareness so that it can be instilled into their child/ren. The best thing about my school is there are plenty of role models who embody this in many different ways. I believe it is all about making yourself human. The kids adore someone who is human – I’m not sure why, but they love the authenticity that comes with teachers just being people.


An example of teachers being people is the classic tick in the groin at camp, or the story about your family or making a fool of yourself unintentionally (but pretending it was all set up that way… yes they know).


Teaching for me is something that I need to do. Something inside of me pushes me to teach. I couldn’t explain it to you if I had to and I certainly cannot write it down for all to read. Those who have the urge know what I’m talking about, those who do not – will not understand.


I am grateful to the teachers, colleagues and students who have believed in me and helped me this past year. I have been fortunate enough say that I have been nominated for the ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award and the Queensland College of Teachers’ Beginning Teacher Award. Thank you for the belief and passion so many have instilled in me and have allowed me to realise that I’m pretty okay at what I do. (Also thank you to my family & my partner – they are amazing and I love them dearly).


Currently I’m on a bus with about 70 students and I can tell you that somehow I’m excited for the next few days. I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t…


Now looking ahead at my next twelve months – I’ll be staying at the same school, I’m a middle leader for the next 6 months and I’m keen to prove myself as a teacher, leader and person. Not to my superiors, not to my students but to myself. The next 6 months will see me push myself physically and intellectually. To do my job well and function meaningfully within the school community, I need to be the best version of myself.



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