‘Yes!! – I can do that…and that…and that…’

No one could have prepared me for term two – actually I take that back. Many people saw my term one and warned me – warned me for what was to come and my impending doom if I failed to learn the word ‘no’.

‘Teaching attracts all sorts of human beings for many different reasons…’

If there’s one thing I have learnt in my first year of teaching it is about my colleagues. Teaching attracts all sorts of human beings for many different reasons, with various passions and full of a lifetime of experiences unknown to many.

This week marked the occasion of ANZAC – tis not a time for glorification of battle. I for one think that we are in quite a predicament where war is both required and completely a waste of time, life and resources. However, I see the need and I am eternally grateful for the people that have ‘signed the empty cheque for Australia and the allied countries’. This week saw for a number of my colleagues to become aware of quite a large part of my upbringing and life experience – perhaps providing an insight into my ‘yes’ ways.

As a relatively young member of staff many may believe that I lack the life experience of my more chronologically advanced colleagues. This could be true in a wide range of examples however I stand firm in suggesting that you truly do not know someone’s story unless you take the time to listen. This is not the time for that to occur, it’s rather cliche and at times boring – maybe one day the abridged version will make a debut!

However, I come back to this idea of teachers being from varied life experiences and backgrounds (even the younger members of staff). However somehow a large majority of us are ‘yes’ people. I have learnt this is trait is usually founded and nurtured in very different ways. Yet, I would like to believe that if it was for the good of our students anyone of us would say yes without hesitation again, again and again.



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